Red Hat Enterprise Linux/Red Hat 企业版下载含安装序列号

Red Hat Enterprise Linux/Red Hat 企业版下载含安装序列号 (v. 5 for 32-bit x86)

Binary Disc 1 (Server Core) 630 MB md5:7f18b2d006c90e2c4158c5e9b5d68e87

Binary Disc 2 (Server Core) 613 MB md5:7f6865b55672da959585f77705c44d74

Binary Disc 3 (Server Core)630 MB md5:cd48b0837975ac483f3346b14f9bf7e7

Binary Disc 4 626 MB md5:535e4e190bac3dd2d018287659cc61b5

Binary Disc 5 (Server Core/Cluster/Cluster Storage/Virtualization) 353 MB 7ed2f1bc645338740e2d6d0d5ab20817

Binary DVD (Server Core/Cluster/Cluster Storage/Virtualization) 2,850 MB 4380325824d389e2c202477c9d5b2855

Below please find the complete set of ISO images for the latest release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v. 5 for 64-bit x86_64). Depending on the variant of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v. 5 for 64-bit x86_64) you’d like to install, you may only need a subset of these discs. (more information)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 Server (AMD64/Intel EM64T)
ISO Size MD5 Checksum
Binary Disc 1 (Server Core) 631 MB 1675fe76684efb60bf20200e3e178b69
Binary Disc 2 (Server Core) 615 MB 1c23ecb9ff64533a7ac2fd5d458305e1
Binary Disc 3 (Server Core) 631 MB ca8bc319abef7f544f5d87679d9cf4db
Binary Disc 4 (Server Core) 629 MB 6ab387c2ac89e3ac2efcbff0a86b2fb0
Binary Disc 5 (Server Core) 624 MB d34704bb03abe73d201954c7f5ec1a36
Binary Disc 6 (Server Core/Cluster/Cluster Storage/Virtualization) 226 MB 3fee1cba85f6a56d0795b385cdf18a22
Binary DVD (Server Core/Cluster/Cluster Storage/Virtualization) 3,353 MB 218ba37c78f1b57883d955013c4ef8a1